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The insertion of [ʃ] between r and a following t, in stressed syllables, is related to pre-aspiration. In some dialects, an [ʃ] is also inserted between r and d. Listen carefully to the following examples:


rt [kʲaRʃd] ceart correct (adj.)
[ɔRʃd] ort on you
[pɔRʃd] port tune (n.)
rd [aːRʃd] àrd high
[bɔːRʃd] bòrd table (n.)
[ɔːRʃd] òrd hammer (n.)

Some speakers pronounce rd groups without inserting an [ʃ]. Listen to the examples without an [ʃ].

rd [aːRd] àrd high
[bɔːRd] bòrd table (n.)
[ɔːRd] òrd hammer (n.)

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