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Since I have one for Norse, I thought I might as well do Latin...

(Likely) loans from Norse
Gaelic Irish Manx Old Irish Latin Latin Meaning Notes
aba ab abb ap abbas abbot
àbhaistear áibhirseach adbairt adversārius enemy, opponent
àbharsair áibhirseach aidbirseóir adversārius enemy, opponent
abhlan abhlann oalan ablann acc. oblātiōnem, from nom. oblātiō offering
Abraon Abrán Aprīlis April The Gaelic spelling suggests a possible folk etymology based on braon
abstol aspal ostyl apstal apostolus apostle
achd acht aghtey acht acc. āctum from nom. āctus apostle
achlais ascall aghlish ochsal axilla armpit
adhaltranair adhaltrach adaltair adulter adulterer
aibidil aibítir abbyrlhit aibgitir acc. abecedārium from nom. abecedārius alphabet
aibirsidh A-per-se A by itself via English
aifreann aifreann erin oifrend acc. offerendum from nom. offerendus offering
aighear/aighearach aer/aerach aer/aeragh aer/aerach āēr air
aingeal aingeal ainle aingel angelus angel
àirc áirc arg árc arca ark
airgead airgead argid argat This is actually not a loan from Latin argentum but one of those words which just happen to look very similar in Celtic and Latin.

Beagan gràmair
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